Patty Jansen

Patty lives with her family in the cultural wasteland that is Sydney’s North Shore. When she isn’t driving one of her three teenage children to something-or-rather practice/training/whatever, she sells non-fiction books online, and of course writes. In a medieval past, Patty used to work as agricultural scientist and has published three books in non-fiction, and has been a non-fiction editor before re-kindling an old interest in fiction. Some of Patty’s recent stories have been published in Ticonderoga Online, Byzarium and various anthologies.

Patty’s writing blog can be found here.


Finalist Writers Of The Future Contest first quarter 2010

Recently published stories:

Out of Here – MBrane-SF December 2009
Raven’s Call – Realms December 2009
Legal Aliens – Semaphore December 2009
The only one – Fly in Amber November 2009
Taking Back the Words – TiconderogaOnline December 2008
Never on a Birthday – Byzarium November 2008
The Weed Eaters – Fat Man at the End of the World Anthology November 2008
Straight through the heart – ZineWest 2007 (mainstream)
Bigger Fish – Fantastic Wonder Stories Anthology April 2007

From the Parrot’s Mouth – Beyond Centauri
Luminescence – Martian Wave
Metal Dragon – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #46
Little Boy Lost – Midnight Echo #4
The rebelliousness of trassi udang – Belong anthology
Charlotte’s Army (novella) – Distant Worlds anthology