Jacob Edwards

Jacob Edwards was born in Brisbane in 1976. He was comfortably ensconcing himself in academia until marriage and parenthood inspired him to seek a real job with Andromeda Spaceways. Jacob still writes academic articles, fiction and creative non-fiction, but now with the job security that for so long has underpinned Andromeda’s recruitment guarantee: You’ll quit before the ship you’re on
crashes…We’ll bet your pension on it!

Jacob’s BA in English makes him ideally qualified to arrange the deckchairs on Australia’s speculative fiction flagship. His MA in Ancient History affords him that extra bit of nous when it comes to preparing bendy straws for the cocktail glasses. Jacob spends his downtime playing chess against the ship’s computer (the one that’s supposed to be navigating; the AI in charge of the laundry is too strong).

In 2010, during a fire-and-spinach drill that unaccountably turned out to be serious, he broke into Andromeda’s printing press and ran off #45 of the Inflight Magazine. Though denying any wrongdoing vis-a-vis this print run (and also those scuttlebutt whispers that he traded Escape Pod #3 for a microphone), Jacob does admit using company resources to travel back through time and buy Tasmania from a bunch of gullible Europeans. He’s planning on turning it into an Elephant preserve.