The current list of (unpaid) staff at ASIM is:


Editors (forthcoming issues):

#62 Amy Gordon (January 2016)

#63 Terry Wood (March 2016)

#64 To Be Advised (2016)

#65 Danuta Raine (2016)


Enquiries              Terry Morris

Advertising           To be Advised

Art Director          Sue Bursztynski

Reviews Editor    To Be Advised

Layout                   Various

Slushwrangling   Lucy Zinkiewicz

Subscriptions      Terry Wood

Website                Terry Wood

All ably assisted by a horde of slush readers who shall forever remain nameless in keeping with the anonymity that their work requires. (But you can find them on the back page of each issue.)


Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Incorporated

Current members of the Association are:

David Bofinger (NSW)

Sue Bursztynski (VIC)

Malina Douglas (WA)

Tom Dullemond (QLD)

Dirk Flinthart (TAS)

Amy Gordon (SA)

Catherine Moller (QLD)

Terry Morris (VIC)

May Paxevanos (NSW)

Robert Phillips (ACT)

Danuta Raine (NSW)

Terry Wood (QLD)

Lucy Zinkiewicz (VIC)