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Temporary halt to Submissions – 10 November 2015


“This is your captain speaking. ASIM Ship is shaking out the slush filters, the wormholes are getting gooey, and it might be best to stand clear. We’re thinking that if authors could hold back their stories for a while, say until February 2016, Earth time, that would be good, thanks, and help Ship not go all grimoire on us. We’ll let you know when it’s safe again.”


Due to a large backlog of stories, ASIM is closed for new submissions until February 2016. All submissions not already sent out to readers will be released (i.e. we won’t be considering it) and an email sent out to you to confirm this is the case.

Stories that have been sent out to readers will be processed as usual and authors will be advised in due course – however, we’re happy to release your submission earlier if you’d like to withdraw it immediately. If you don’t hear from us please email

We expect to be taking new submissions from February next year. Any submissions sent before February 2016 will not be answered and will be deleted. Please check back to this webpage for further updates.

The ASIM Team

Submission status December 2, 2015


The usual intro

Andromeda Spaceways uses an anonymous three round submission process. If you send a submission to us, it enters round one as soon as we receive it and will be assigned a reference number. A submission moves through to round two and round three if our readers decide to bump it up the line. You can track where your submission is by checking below.

Once a submission is in round three, ASIM editors can view the story and author, and select it for their issue. Because ASIM is edited by a different person for each issue, we hold onto round three stories for three months so that all the potential editors have time to view them. If your story is accepted, it may be up to 18 months before it is published.

To submit a story to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, see our guidelines.

Thinking of querying?

* If your story doesn’t have a reference number and you sent it over a week ago, we don’t have it. It may have gone missing in transit. Please try resending it. Please note, however, that we’re all unpaid volunteers here at ASIM, so it may just be that Real Life has gotten in the way.
* If your story has a reference number, but it’s not listed here, then it’s probably been released. Please contact the slushmistress (asimsubmissions AT gmail DOT com) if you didn’t receive an email with this information, and we’ll send you a copy from our records.

Current first/second round poetry submissions

Current submissions in round one.
Status: acknowledgement sent, submission with first round reader

Current submissions in round two
Status: with round two readers (note: we only move stories to round three once a week, so some authors may see their story here after receiving a ‘hold’ request)

Current submissions in round 3
Status: Being viewed by editors. Stories are held for three months; if no editor has selected the story in that time, the submission is released back to the author.



















Want to get a feel for the sort of things we print?
The current issue of Andromeda Spaceways is available as a PDF file for just AUD$4.95 (approx US$4)
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Containing all of the content of the issue.
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