Submitting to ASIM – The Details

“….ASIM’s submissions process has to rank up there with the #1
best all time process I’ve ever encountered.”

Sonny Whitelaw

“Easily the best submission procedures
of any magazine to which I’ve submitted.”

Lee Battersby

Although we’re based in Australia we welcome submissions from all countries.
We submit every issue to reviewers at Locus, SF Crowsnest, Tangent and more, and also to several Year’s Best anthologies. We’re reviewed regularly by many of them. Getting published in ASIM does not mean your fiction will only be seen by a handful of wallabies in outback Australia!

Every contributor receives a copy of the magazine their item appears in, whether that’s fiction, non-fiction, artwork or poetry.


Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine buys First Australian Serial Rights and limited electronic rights.

ASIM is a magazine available in both physical and PDF formats. Contracts ask for limited electronic rights, as well as first Australian print rights. We offer the electronic version in parallel with the print version, and only for a limited time (3 months or until the next issue, whichever comes first).

No Simultaneous Submissions & One Submission at a time, please!


We accept science fiction, fantasy and supernatural horror works up to 10,000 words in length. Submissions of up to 20,000 words are permitted from subscribers and from authors resident in Australia and New Zealand. (It costs a fortune for Aus & NZ authors to post a story that length to overseas markets – that’s why we bend the guidelines for them.)

Andromeda Spaceways is intended for a wide audience, so we don’t want anything more than M rated: No gratuitous sex or graphic violence. We want the overall tone of ASIM to be light as opposed to the dark-and-gritty style that characterises so many other SF mags this day and age. This does not mean we only publish light humour pieces, though. Our readers are just as keen on traditional fantasy and hard science fiction. We’re just not the best market for doom-laden go-nowhere stories which push the boundaries of the English language into new and unfortunate places.

Given an otherwise even choice between angst and adventure, we’ll grab the adventure.

We have been known to take reprints, but please query before submitting a previously published story. When you query, please mention when and where it was previously published.

Payment for stories: 1.25 cents/Word (Australian) with a $20 minimum per piece

Payment for flash fiction (up to 1000 words): AUD $10 per piece


Any style under two pages — though must be speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy or supernatural horror).

Payment for poetry: AUD $10 per piece.


Non-fiction articles will be considered on anything vaguely related to speculative fiction. We’re after articles on the speculative genres and their writers, weird science, real science, weird history, straight history, con reports, fads and geekdom… anything. We will also consider amusing pseudo-articles, particularly about the “fictional” Andromeda Spaceways. We’re somewhat less interested in articles about how to write – we’re going for broad interest, and there are other venues for those.

There is no payment for articles.


ASIM accepts black and white internal and colour cover artwork . If you’re interested in supplying artwork, please contact our Art Director at: AsimArt2 at gmail dot com

Although we’re happy to take a look at your web site, we’d really prefer a sample of your work that we can put into a special on-line ‘gallery’ where our editors look when they’re choosing artists. Each editor has different needs, and your work might be just the style that one of them wants. Putting it in our gallery means they can see immediately what your style is like, without having to trawl through a heap of web sites – and it means you don’t have to keep reminding us that you exist!

Please note, the gallery is password-protected and only available to editors, so your art is safe. We can’t send you a link, but trust us – the entry only says who you are and what you’re prepared to do for ASIM.

Choose a sample – one painting, if you’re interested in producing cover art, and/or one black and white piece, if you’re keen to do internal art. Samples of your work can be sent as scanned images at screen resolution (96dpi, no more than 300kb per image, please.)

Payment for artwork: AUD$100 per cover; AUD$20 per internal piece.