Everything you need to know about advertising in another galaxy. but were afraid to ask.

1. What are your rates?

Below is a simple table explaining our various advertising rates. As you can see, if you purchase several ads at once (even if they are for different issues of the magazine) you get significant bulk discounts. If you wish to purchase five or more ads at once, please contact to negotiate a price.

Note that all prices are in Australian Dollars. Please contact ASIM for price (all prices simply converted to overseas currency—no change in charges!). We are happy to accept payment by Paypal for overseas advertisers and will supply Paypal address on request.

We’re always open to contra deals, please contact if you would like to arrange an ad-swap.

Don’t forget, 15 percent off for subscribers!!!  In many cases it’s cheaper to subscribe before you advertise!
1 Ad 3 Ads 4 Ads
Back Cover (full) Colour $180* $450 $540
Inside Cover (full) Colour $140 $350 $420
Inside Cover (half) Colour $75 $190 $225
Internal (full) b&w $70 $175 $210
Internal (half) b&w $35 $90 $105

* All prices quoted in AUD.

2. I’m a subscriber, do I get a discount?

Yes! All subscribers get a 15% discount off all advertising rates (on top of any bulk discounts you may qualify for).

3. What kind of ads are you looking for?

Anything which might be of interest to our readers, who certainly might be interested in anything with an SF/fantasy flavour or anything to do with books, writing or publishing. The best way to see if the product/event/person you wish to promote might appeal to our readers is to get hold of a sample issue and look at our content. While we would prefer our advertising to reflect the content of our magazine, we do not want to restrict ourselves just to SF or book-related subjects, please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss whether your ad will be suitable for ASIM.

4. Where can I buy a sample issue of ASIM?

You can purchase our latest issue here.

5. What are your advertising deadlines?

If you wish an ad to go into a particular issue, you need to book your space by the 1st of the month prior to the month in which that issue will be published. Our publication schedule is quarterly, and we print March, June, September, and December. Because of the frequency of printing, deadlines are set in stone and must be adhered to.

6. Where do I send my advertising artwork and text?

Send everything to All queries should also go to this address.

7. What format is preferred for ads?

We prefer JPEG, at 300 dpi but we can take PDF and other formats. Please query (before the deadline!) if you think you need to submit your ad in an unusual format.

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