ASIM 56, Now Launched!

ASIM 56, edited by the ASIM Hive-mind, is now available, in print, pdf, epub and mobi formats. Check it out now!

You might not credit it, but it’s been ten years since Andromeda Spaceways first blasted off in a maelstrom of misdirected luggage, faulty astronavigation, and dubious inflight nutrition practices. Accordingly, we’re proud to be able to bring you ASIM issue 56, our celebratory Tenth Anniversary Issue! Full of good things like … like … well, like cellulose, and pigmentation, and that gluey stuff they use to bind the pages together. (Just the inside edges of the pages, mind, because experience has shown that our passengers get rather irate when they can’t actually open the magazine.)

What else can you expect to see, in those few fevered seconds before, uncontrollable, famished, you chomp into that crisp, papery goodness? You might manage enough self-control to admire the mouthwateringly delicious cover artwork provided for the issue by the wonderful Nick Statopoulos; and those of you with exceptional restraint might linger sufficiently over your inspection of the contents to perceive the additional accompanying internal artwork by Greg Hughes, Kathleen Jennings, and Anna Repp. If you’re keen of eye, you might chance to catch some scraps of the excellent fiction that, for this issue, has been diligently cooked up for you by–take a deep breath here–Logan Albright, Pete Aldin, Alec Austin, Lee Battersby, Lyn Battersby, Cathy Bryant, Baden Chant, Jacob Edwards, Sam Ferree, Marina Finlayson, Mark Harding, Kevin Ikenberry, Christopher Kastensmidt, Spencer Koelle, Christine Lucas, Jack Nicholls, Nigel Read, Daniel I Russell, Grant Stone, David Tallerman, and Matt Ward, in a potboiling profusion of prose selected for your reading pleasure by a dozen different components of the ASIM Hivemind. And that’s pretty much it, apart from a piece about ASIM’s launch party ten years ago, and a book review. We’ve reached the ten-year mark doing what we do best, presenting wonderful fiction by an array of amazingly talented authors …

… and, in the process, getting things out of sequence. To those of you who will cavil and complain that, yes, they can see issue 54, and this is issue 56, but where’s issue 55? … to you, we would say two things:
(1): Wormholes. Tricky things, wormholes.
And (2): It’s on its way. Be patient. September or October, it’ll be out.

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