ASIM 55 Has Now Arrived!

ASIM 55, last seen veering dangerously close to a wormhole in the depths of the Tarantula Nebula, has emerged, none the worse for wear.

Piloted by the intrepid Jacob Edwards, issue 55 is festooned with cover art by Inna Basman and loaded with the fictional outpourings of John Birmingham, Jacob A Boyd, Stephen Gallagher, Michael John Grist, Tom Holt, Deborah Kalin, Lisa A Koosis, Simon Messingham, K J Parker, Dan Rabarts, T A Robinson and Kate Rowe. Internal artworks by Inna Basman (again), Sam Blanch, and Gary McCluskey accompany several stories, and there’s also poetry by Chris Hicks and David Knopfler, as well as a ‘musical interlude’ by one Richard O’Brien. To top it all off, there’s nonfiction including an interview with Glen Duncan and a tribute, from the ASIM Hivemind, to six recently-departed authors (or, more precisely, five authors and one astronaut).

As usual, the issue is presented in print, epub, mobi, and pdf editions. Get it now, before the wormhole reclaims it! (Actually, we’re not entirely sure that wormholes can do that, but we’d recommend taking no chances. Tricky things, wormholes.)

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