ASIM 54, Now Launched!

ASIM 54, edited by Simon Petrie, is now available, in print, pdf, epub and mobi formats. Check it out now!

Our fifty-fourth issue features fiction by Anatoly Belilovsky, Sue Bursztynski, Zen Cho, Belinda Crawford, Tamlyn Dreaver, Dirk Flinthart, Sarah Frost, Edwina Harvey, C A L, Robert Porteous, Kent Purvis, Alter S Reiss, Nike Sulway, Robert P Switzer, Nicole M Taylor and M Darusha Wehm, poetry by David Luntz and s c virtes, nonfiction by Jacob Edwards and Edwina Harvey, and book reviews. All of it wrapped up in a delicious cover image from the singular mind of Lewis Morley, who’s also supplied the internal illustrations. If you manage to find a better one-hundred-and-sixty-eight pages of speculative fictional goodness elsewhere, we’ll feel decidedly jealous.

Did we mention, already, that the epub and mobi versions of this issue are also available now?

4 Responses to “ASIM 54, Now Launched!”

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been trying to break into ASIM for a while; some close calls, but nontihg yet. Also, well done on meeting your February Write1Sub1 goals!

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