ASIM 53, Now Launched!

ASIM 53, edited by Patty Jansen, is now available, in print, pdf, epub and mobi formats. Check it out now!

Our fifty-third issue features fiction by Jo Anderton, Lee Blevins, Clare M Clerkin-Russell, Gary Cuba (twice!), R H Culp, Murray Ewing, Matthew Fryer, Lee Hallison, B G Hilton, Krista Hoeppner Leahy, R P L Johnson, J F Keeping, Barton Paul Levenson, Marissa Lingen and Debbie Moorhouse, poetry by Alexandra Seidel, artwork by Nico Photos, Greg Hughes and Olivia Kernot, and an interview with Jo Anderton. Plus a book review or three.

Within issue 53’s pages, you’ll find a few nods to the past. Nico Photos’ stunning cover illustration draws inspiration from E E ‘Doc’ Smith’s classic Lensman series, Gary Cuba’s ‘The Nine Billion Pixels Of Samsara’ revisits one of Arthur C Clarke’s most famous short stories, in Marissa Lingen’s ‘Blood Man Calls The Whale’ and Jo Anderton’s ‘High Density’ two very different protagonists struggle to reconcile past and present, while in Murray Ewing’s ‘The Realm Of Lost Things’ the narrator just wants to find the fork he dropped down the side of the sofa. Yet there’s a futuristic feel, also, to much of what’s on offer: skydiving through Jupiter’s cloud decks in JF Keeping’s ‘Riding The Eye’, telling a space-age bedtime story in Lee Hallison’s ‘How The Moon Got Its Cousin’, going boldly where no mission has gone before in Clare M Clerkin-Russell’s ‘Flyby’, risking everything for an ungrateful alien stowaway in Barton Paul Levenson’s Galaxy-hopping ‘Gauntlet’, surveying a dead planet in Matthew Fryer’s ‘Welcome to New London, Population: 1’. And lots more besides, in the 168 pages of speculative fiction goodness that is ASIM 53.

Did I mention, already, that the epub and mobi versions of this issue are also available now?

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