ASIM 52: Released from Captivity…

ASIM 52 is now available!

David Kernot edited Issue 52 and amassed a wonderful collection of 19 modern Australian and overseas speculative fiction selections from the following authors: Sean Monaghan, Dominik J Parisien, Nicky Drayden, Kathleen Jennings, Brenda Anderson, Felicity Pulman, Liz Colter, Ray Tabler, Melanie Typaldos, Linda Jenner, Rachel Kolar, GR McLeod, LK Pinaire, Margaret Karmazin, Pam L Wallace, David Conyers and John Goodrich, Peter Cooper, Natalie Nikolovski, and Ken Liu.

Poetry is from Alexandra Seidel and Jack Horne. ASIM’s own Jacob Edwards presented some of the best features seen, and artwork is from David Conyers, Kathleen Jennings and Olivia Kernot.

This issue is also available in the new E-formats too, just give us a moment to upload them… The Australian Conflux is on, and taking a moment of speculative fiction time…

Within ASIM 51’s 172 pages, you’ll find dragons, nano-bots, wayward robots, a yabby, and dinosaurs too. When you read what is the second of the new bumper ASIM issues, you’ll find a wonderful mix of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more… be surprised. ASIM 52, is officially now available!

ASIM 52. Coming to a planet near you. (I hear we took our first shipment to Titan today, and Gliese is showing interest.) Check it out, today!

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