ASIM 51: Our first quarterly issue

ASIM 51, our first quarterly issue, is now available!

This issue’s editor, Simon Petrie, has selected stories from the minds of Rachel Manija Brown, Stephen Case, Thoraiya Dyer, Ellen C. Glass, Chris Large, Chris Large again, Chris Miles, Carolyn Nicita, Sandra M. Odell, Robin Shortt, Keith Stevenson, E. Catherine Tobler, Calie Voorhis, Katherine Woodbury, and Rachel Zakuta. The issue is garnished with the poetry of of Darrell Schweitzer and Lee Clark Zumpe, and buttressed by the artwork of Kathleen Jennings.

We could wax lyrical on the issue’s contributions, but that would be a poor substitute for seeing them for yourself, so we’ll keep this brief:

Within ASIM 51’s 168 pages, you’ll find mirrors; creatures exotic, extinct, or evanescent; artefacts; buttons of doom; alien landscapes; twisted trees; disjunctures; meerkats; and inventive financial arrangements. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll place a call to your accountant. (Well, that’s assuming you buy a copy. If you don’t, of course, then you won’t. But you’d be missing something special. Honest.)

(And speaking of buying a copy, we’ve made some pricing adjustments. The cost of a printed issue has risen to $AUD12.95, in accordance with the bolstered page count. International postage costs have lifted a little too. But the pdf single-issue cost has been held at $AUD4.95, while subscription prices have been reduced (slightly, for the print edition; rather substantially, for the pdf). If you’re curious to sample the Andromeda Spaceways experience, the pdf now represents better value than ever. As do the subscriptions.)

ASIM 51. Check it out, today!

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