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Issue #61 eBook has arrived...

After much delay, ASIM 61 has arrived on the launch pad, packed with fiction, poetry and nonfic from David Barber, Mark Bondurant, Fred Coppersmith, A J Fitzwater, Kim Gaal, Sinthia J Higgen-Bottom, Kathleen Jennings, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Rich Larson, Sean Monaghan, Charlotte Nash, Patrice Sarath, George S Walker, and Sean Williams. Both print and e-book editions are now available.

Coming to a Space Station near you...

Andromeda Spaceways is proud to announce the imminent arrival of issue #62 of our Inflight Magazine. We've got a fantastic selection of stories that include talking dogs, genies, football-loving leprechauns, sunken treasure, ice-planets and much more—including an interview with Australian author Isobelle Carmody! So stay tuned and be ready to run to the docking bay to get your copy!

Temporary halt to Submissions

Attention passengers! As our holds are currently at capacity, ASIM is closed for submissions until February 2016. For more information, please visit our submissions page.

Interview with Kate Forsyth

Click on this banner to go to part 1 of ASIM's interview with Australian author Kate Forsyth.

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